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Godot Kotlin/JVM is a Godot module which allows you to write your game or application logic in Kotlin on the JVM.

If you are looking for the documentation for Godot Kotlin/Native; you can find it here.


This project is in alpha, it is by no means production ready.

What's not working

The items in this list are explicitly mentioned here as these will be implemented in future versions. Also consider the Api Differences section for general differences and limitations which will not be or cannot be adressed in the near forseable future or ever.

  • Each registered constructor must have a unique number of arguments, constructor overloading is not yet supported
  • No tool mode (you can set it already in the @RegisterClass annotation but it has no effect yet)
  • No plugin support, you cannot use Godot Kotlin/JVM to write plugins and addons yet
  • Only desktop OS (Linux, MacOS, Windows) and Android are supported for now

Bug reporting and Questions

If you find bugs, please report an issue on github - but check for duplicates first. If you have questions or need help, you can ask on discord in the channels questions and help respectively. If you don't have discord or don't want to use it, make a issue on github.

Supported languages

The only language currently supported is Kotlin. That said it is possible to support other Jvm based languages in the future. If you want to add support for another Jvm based language, feel free to open an issue and we'll explain in detail what is necessary to support another language and help you getting started with development.

Supported kotlin version

This module relies on a kotlin compiler plugin for registering your classes and members to godot. As the compiler api from kotlin is not yet stable, we can only support specific kotlin version per release for now.

The current latest release is compatible with kotlin version 1.7.10.

Custom engine builds

Get our pre built engine builds and export templates from the latest github release.

Developer discussion

Ask questions and collaborate on Discord