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Before starting a project make sure you read the Exporting documentation! Depending on your chosen platform (like native images with GraalVM or Android) there are important details to consider (like third party dependencies and host systems to compile your game on).
Failure to do so or understanding what is needed can lead to big problems once you're at the stage of exporting and shipping your project.
Also make sure to regularily test your exports on each platform. It's best to even test the exports on each platform before even writing anything else than the first test class


To use this module at least JDK 11 is needed, note you will need the JDK not just the JRE, and the environment variable JAVA_HOME to be present before being able to run the custom godot editor.

Mac & Linux

You can install Java via SDKMAN!. Once you installed it, you can run sdk install java 11.0.11.hs-adpt to install the LTS version of Java from AdoptOpenJDK. If you want to pick a different version, you can run sdk list java.


You can install Java via Chocolatey. For example, to install AdoptOpenJDK you can run choco install adoptopenjdk11.


There is currently no plan to support the built-in Godot editor, using IntelliJ IDEA is strongly recommended (the community edition is free). Editors such as VSCode can be used, however, we only provide first class support for IntelliJ IDEA. You can install it via JetBrains Toolbox app.

Intellij IDEA plugin

We also recommend installing our IntelliJ IDEA plugin as it provides you with a lot of useful checks and helpers to detect errors during development.

Godot Editor

You need our custom engine build from the latest GitHub release to be able to use this project. If you need other modules you can also build it yourself.


You need our custom export templates for your exported games to work with the jvm. Have a look at the Exporting documentation.