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Build with C# support

Build engine for C# and Kotlin/JVM

  1. Fulfill requirements mentioned here
  2. scons p=<platform> tools=yes module_mono_enabled=yes mono_glue=no
  3. <godot_binary> --generate-mono-glue modules/mono/glue
    • For this step to work you need a jre in the godot-root folder
    • And a godot-bootstrap.jar in <godot-root>/bin
  4. export LD_PRELOAD=<path_to_sample_project>/jre-{amd64|arm64}/lib/
  5. scons -j$(nproc) platform=<platform> module_mono_enabled=yes
  6. run with ../../../../bin/godot.linuxbsd.editor.x86_64.mono