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Godot Kotlin/JVM is a Godot module which allows you to write your game or application logic in Kotlin on the JVM.

An embedded JRE will be shipped with your application to ensure it runs on systems that don't have java installed.

If you are new to this language module, it is recommended to read through the Versioning and the Project setup sections first. Please also note the API differences section which covers some important difference to the scripting and workflow compared to GDScript.

If you are looking for the documentation for Godot Kotlin/Native; you can find it here.


This binding is currently in Alpha state and not production ready as some breaking API changes might still occure.
Please note the alpha docs page to see limitations present in the latest alpha release.

Supported languages

The only language currently supported is Kotlin.
That said it is possible to support other Jvm based languages in the future. If you want to add support for another Jvm based language, feel free to open an issue and we'll explain in detail what is necessary to support another language and help you getting started with development.

Custom engine builds

Get our pre built engine builds and export templates from the latest github release.

Developer discussion

Ask questions and collaborate on Discord